C.K.Itamura is an autodidactic interdisciplinary artist. Her work blurs the lines between mediums as she combines tangible materials, sensory prompts, space, time, book arts, language and photography, to create visual work, participatory projects and conceptual installations.


C.K. is Co-Founder of Book Arts Roadshow, an artist member of The Center for Book Arts, a former director of San Francisco Center for the Book, a board member of Healdsburg Center for the Arts, in Artist-in-Residence of Chalk Hill Residency and In Cahoots Residency, and is a recipient of the 2019 Discovered Awards for Emerging Visual Artists granted by Creative Sonoma and Community Foundation Sonoma County.


People sitting in different vehicles will experience the same traffic jam in different ways: one may miss a flight and be apprehensive of the rescheduling they need to do; one may be late for school and be worried they will miss a lesson; one may spend time listening to the news; one may need to use a restroom and be experiencing physical discomfort; one may spend the time musing about someone they love. Each individual will have their own personal interaction with the same traffic jam and they will derive their own narrative about it. The traffic jam is art.” — C.K.Itamura