Oyster Piece


Oyster Piece (2017)

Reservations are taken at the door. One guest at a time is seated at a candlelit table for one. The “menu” is provided. The poem is read silently. An oyster is served with a shot of champagne. The “bill” is provided in the form of the colophon. The table is cleared for the next guest. Repeat.


Written an Directed by C.K.Itamura

Poem "Oh, convivial provocation!" by C.K.Itamura

Player 1 :: Serena Hazard

Player 2 :: Vicky Kumpfer

Player 3 :: C.K.Itamura

Players 4 thru 15* :: guests (with reservations)

*Although intended for 15 players, Oyster Piece debuted with 19 players.


A site specific life-size diorama participatory poetry chapbook for 15* players. Duration 2 hours. 


Seishin Studio, Art Alley, Santa Rosa, California


April 1, 2017

Thank You

Serena Hazard, Vicky Kumpfer