s+oryprobl=m :: 1461 (aka s+oryproblem :: fragile vessels)

Photograph by Blaze Event Photography

Photograph by Blaze Event Photography


s+oryprobl=m :: 1461 (aka s+oryproblem :: fragile vessels, 2017)

A salve, a breath, a gentle reminder during turbulent times of the fragility and fleeting nature of all things, the 1461* teacups and bowls delicately handmade out of paper that comprise s+oryprobl=m :: 1461 give pause to the weight of ‘forever’ and provide a quiet gesture of acknowledgement to ourselves and to others, even when we may feel overwhelmed by circumstances at hand.

* The number of days in a 4-year Presidential term in office.


s+oryprobl=m :: 1461 is the first of several s+oryprobl=m art installations by C.K.Itamura. The second, s+oryprobl=m :: alternate route was at The Spinster Sisters in Santa Rosa, California from April 4 thru June 5, 2017. The third, s+oryprobl=m :: 156, Iteration 1 was installed at Chalk Hill Artist Residency in Healdsburg, California in October 2018.


Santa Rosa City Hall, Council Chambers


March 14 thru May 4, 2017

Thank You

R.C. Wong, Jessica Rasmussen, Beth Szabo, Vicky Kumpfer, Dawn Zaft, Jeff Kan Lee, Bob Stender, Praetzellis Garage, Helms Estate, Pam Hava and Clothesline Revival