s+oryprobl=m :: alternate route

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s+oryprobl=m :: alternate route (2017)

Individually, delicate teacups and bowls handmade out of paper are fragile vessels that can easily be crushed or dissolved; bound together, they are transformed into s+oryprobl=m :: alternate route, a beacon of encouragement to proceed, evolve and boldly persist over, around and through innumerable ostensible obstacles placed along the path.


s+oryprobl=m is a single exhibition of several art installations by C.K.Itamura that occurs over several months in multiple locations.

s+oryprobl=m :: alternate route is the second of several s+oryprobl=m art installations by C.K.Itamura presented in 2017. The first, s+oryprobl=m :: fragile vessels was on exhibit in the City Council Chambers at City Hall in Santa Rosa, California from March 14 thru May 4, 2017. The third, s+oryprobl=m :: 156 will be at Chalk Hill Artist Residency in Healdsburg, California in 2018.


The Spinster Sisters, 401 South A Street, Santa Rosa, California


April 4 thru June 5, 2017

Thank You

Giovanni Cerrone, Conrad Praetzel, Gallery 300, Pam Hava, Clothesline Revival, Jeff Kan Lee