s+oryprobl=m :: changed conditions


s+oryprobl=m :: changed conditions (2019 - 2020)

In the Current Era the future is increasingly considered in shorter and shorter measure — frequently in months, weeks, days, the 15-minute increments of calendaring systems, the couple of seconds it takes to pick an emoji and hit send — and only sometimes in years, rarely in decades, and almost never in centuries. This foreshortening of perceived time, made possible only in part by technological “advances”, has developed into an epidemic of time-sense myopia, which is deteriorating consideration for the future beyond “Now”.

Remember: to what end are we racing and why?

What notable changes have occurred during the past 2019 years of the Current Era? Which of these changes were planned for and expected, and which of these changes were unexpected? What changes will occur in the next 2019 years? What changes will be planned for and what unexpected changes might occur?

Visual art is often understood to be static. Once installed, the art is seen, the exhibition continues, the exhibition closes, art is de-installed. What would happen if the sequence changed such that once installed, art is seen, the exhibition continues with the art evolving each day through a brief intervention by the artist, the exhibition closes, and the art in its altered state is de-installed?

s+oryprobl=m :: changed conditions offers a dose of time-sense hyperopia as a lease to contemplate, over time, the relationship of the present with past outcomes with which to move consciously into the future.


s+oryprobl=m is a series of projects by C.K.Itamura that center on problematic contemporary issues distilled into storyproblem formats, which are resolved through processes which include elements of research, intentional field trips and the ritual creation of visual elements which evolve over several months or years in multiple locations.

s+oryprobl=m :: changed conditions is the fifth of several s+oryprobl=m art installations by C.K.Itamura. The first, s+oryprobl=m :: fragile vessels was installed in the Santa Rosa City Hall Council Chamber for two months in 2017. The second, s+oryprobl=m :: alternate route was at The Spinster Sisters in Santa Rosa, California from April 4 thru June 5, 2017. The third, s+oryprobl=m :: blue sky no clouds remains a work in progress as of this writing. The fourth, s+oryprobl=m :: 156 (iteration 1) was installed at Chalk Hill Artist Residency in November 2018 for several hours and is an on-going participatory project expected to take 7 to 10 years to complete.


Museum of Sonoma County


November 22, 2019 thru February 2, 2020

Thank You

Community Foundation Sonoma County, Creative Sonoma, Museum of Sonoma County, Chalk Hill Artist Residency, In Cahoots Residency, Nanette Wylde, Kent Mankse, Jeff Nathanson, Alejandro Salazar, Jessica Martin, Bob Stender, R.C. Wong, Margo Warneke Merck, Diana & Steve Jameson, Conrad Praetzel II, Conrad Praetzel III


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