Photograph by Michelle Feileacan Photography

Photograph by Michelle Feileacan Photography


Walk (2016)

A ready-made bench stacked with what appear to be shoe boxes containing designer shoes are revealed instead to contain a set of large, wrinkled and torn offset prints on paper of photographs taken of homeless encampments located beneath the freeway across from art galleries and an auction house, behind the Designer Showcase Center and Restoration Hardware’s flagship shore, and near AirBNB’s corporate headquarters, located between the SOMA and Potrero Hill Disctricts in San Francisco. Once puzzled together, the prints reveal the statement "Walk in the shoes of those who have little or nothing; SFPD Police Line Do Not Cross."


A life-size participatory diorama picture book as 1 bench, 6 boxes and 12 photographs with text.


w[o]rdrobe (solo exhibition) :: Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, CA

Black & White & Shades of Grey :: O'Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, CA


July 29 thru September 4, 2016 (Sebastopol Center for the Arts )

October 27 thru November 17, 2016 (O'Hanlon Center for the Arts)

Thank You

Serena Hazard, Jane Van Loon, Catherine Devrise and the docents at Sebastopol Center for the Arts