Widow's Weeds

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Widow's Weeds (2016, 2007, 2001)

"There's something about it, just being here in the cemetery, even though he's not my husband." -- The Anonymous [So-called] Widow, Widow's Weeds by Ray Sikorski


A life-size diorama audio book.

Life-size diorama & photography by C.K.Itamura (2016). Voiceover, sound engineering & Pacific Poetry Jam directed and produced by Art of The Muse/C.K.Itamura (2007). Short story Widow's Weeds by Ray Sikorski from his book of short stories Driftwood Dan and Other Adventures (2001). Audio originally broadcast via KSVY 91.3 FM in Sonoma (2007).


w[o]rdrobe (solo exhibition) :: Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, CA


July 29 thru September 4, 2016

Thank You

Ray Sikorski, KSVY 91.3, Clothesline Revival, Serena Hazard, Jane Van Loon, Catherine Devrise and the docents at Sebastopol Center for the Arts